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The Destination

The Emakhazeni district encompasses the towns of Dullstroom, Belfast, Machadodorp and Waterval Boven. The Drakensburg Escarpment starts in this area of mountains & many lakes lie throughout the valley regions. Paul Kruger was the first registered owner of much of this land & when the question is asked of where did he hide the Kruger millions? The answer has got to be here somewhere with all the nooks & crannies of this rocky mountainous terrain.   

The evergreen Sappi Forests, bushveld & luscious grass lands are home to the abundant game that roam this part of Africa. At Misty Valley Lodge you will be spoilt for choice with running trails, mountain biking, kloofing, game viewing & trout fishing. While on our doorstep the Num Nums world-class hiking trails, Roc N Rope rock climbing & The Komati Gorge, as well as the warm baths of Forever Resorts at Badplaas.


The Misty Valley Trails are run over different distances & terrain to accommodate a variety of runners from young to wise and social to fit. Our trails are cut through a stunning variety of terrains including sandstone labyrinths, grassland biomes, gorges, hills, streams, rock formations and forests.
 Our well marked trails mould themselves into the landscape as they flow over the estates 500 hectares of African grass lands. At over 2000m above sea level this is a good high altitude training site full of fresh air. Our summer months are high in rain and electric thunderstorms with lovely warm temperatures.  Autumn brings out the rarity of an oil painting as the colors of the bush veld rare up & then slowly fade away into the crisp frosty winter months of dryness & temperatures dropping bellow freezing at night. Sometimes Every now and then we are treated with a slight dusting of snow. When the miracle months of spring arrive the fields of Misty Valley become alive with the new born game a plenty &  boast milder weather conditions with abundant wild flowers. Through out the year we are always reminded like a slap in the face as the mist floats in and swallows the Resort up to remind us of the name MISTY valley lodge.

The Misty Valley Running Trails

Set in unity with  the mountain biking trails,  there are 10 different trails to choose from depending to your level of fitness. The great design of the trails is that they vary in distances from 5km to 20km in loops that all come back to the starting point. The amazing trails were designed in this way so that runners could always find their way back to the lodge easily and that they could then choose another trail to carry on with according to their fitness levels. But for the marathon runner we have designed our own secret trail that meanders off the property through various terrain. Been a resort you as a runner are able to run stress free in the tranquil surroundings of the resort. The trails are full with game. Springbuck, Black Wildebeest, Eland, Red Hartebeest and Zebra are just a few of the wild animals that you will see while cruising the escarpment single tracks and exhilarating bridge crossings. The Resort is full fenced, & secured for your safe running pleasure.

Stonehenge is a famous stone monument and as you run the trail you will discover the resemblance although in a smaller ratio. The trail includes farm road, jeep track, single track and 7 bridge crossings.

A forest where animals have marked paths in the shape of fingers, you will find tight turns in our little forest. 5 bridge crossings, single
track, jeep track, farm road and a few small drop offs are the order of the day.

Shetland Wulver - A myth about a man with the head of a wolf that waits in the mist for wandering travellers to pass by and attacks them with no mercy. Keep your wits about you on this trail.

Please don’t feed the monster when you run along the shore of the Loch Ness. Run the upper section of our property starting with a climb and finishing with a descent. Only 1 bridge crossing but great game viewing

Hadrian's Wall was built by the Roman Empire from mostly rocks and stones for military purposes. On our trail you will spend some time on our natural rocky sections also for military purposes - SURVIVAL.

Ambleside is a country town known for excellent hiking, mountain biking and outdoor activities. Enjoy our lower property taking in the splendid views and game.

Hawks head is a farming town with great views and old style buildings. Enjoy our trail which boasts an obstacle course forest  section.

Experience the Gorge trail with tough all round trail running skills required for lots of drop offs, steep climbs, rocky sections, technical descents and narrow paths. You have to be a god with a good sense of humour to run the trail. We have added a Black Diamond section.

A Munro Bagger is a term used to describe a person who spends his life wandering the mountains and hills. Some tough climbs with the best views in the area. This is a 20km loop that flows through the estates graceful landscape. This trail is unique as it is also clearly marked for the experienced trail runner to run this trail by the light of the full moon or with a head torch.


There is no charge to running our trails if you are a overnight guest. We welcome day visitors as long as you check in at the reception and pay the R20 all day trail fee. You have to pre-book to get on the Num-Num Trail. Organizers will work out a trail running route for you. Email: www.mistyvalleylodge.co.za or call: 0861364789

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